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SKYDEX inserts deliver protection in every environment. Trusted performance for years beyond traditional foam products.

Relieving Pressure

Peak pressures under the pelvis cause discomfort. They make the seat user uncomfortable and distracted, constantly shifting their weight to find a comfortable position.

Count on SKYDEX to Relieve Uncomfortable Pressure in a Seat

By immersing and enveloping the user, SKYDEX inserts reduce peak pressure under the IT bones by 53% when compared to an all-foam cushion.

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Absorbing Impact

One extreme impact, whether from an explosion, rough seas or an off-road crash, can cause an injury.

Count on SKYDEX to Provide Superior Impact Protection

SKYDEX inserts compress at maximum efficiency to absorb high levels of impact and return to shape after impact.

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Enhancing a Seat's Life-Cycle

Foam degrades quickly in high-performance environments, reducing the seat’s performance.

Count on SKYDEX to Increase the Performance Life of a Seat Cushion

With a 10+ year product life-cycle, SKYDEX inserts offer unmatched durability and outlast warranty periods.

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Delivering 24/7 Comfort

Sitting all day can be uncomfortable and limit productivity.

Count on SKYDEX to Provide 24/7 Comfort

SKYDEX inserts improve seating comfort over all-foam cushions. The seat - and the user - perform even better for extended periods with SKYDEX.

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Reducing Vibration

Mechanical vibration contributes to fatigue, lack of concentration, general discomfort and, in extreme cases, injury.

Count on SKYDEX to Dampen Vibration

SKYDEX inserts reduce vibration transmission more effectively than foam or other traditional products.

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Minimize Impact and Pressure. Maximize Support. Dampen Vibration.


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