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Anywhere you need protection, SKYDEX delivers. Tuned to perform, SKYDEX geometries reduce impact, dampen vibration and improve cushioning across many industries and markets.

products that need Impact Protection

Minimizing the effects of impact is the core of SKYDEX technology. We engineer solutions that offer superior impact absorption and remain durable in harsh environments—providing maximum protection that greatly reduces the probability of injury.

Multi-impact Response

SKYDEX geometries have undergone extensive durability testing and endured hundreds of thousands of impacts. They have a proven ability to absorb energy at the same rate and come back to shape impact after impact.

More Impact Absorption.
Less Space.

Every impact product requires optimized protection. By compressing at maximum efficiency, SKYDEX designs products that are thinner and lighter without sacrificing performance.

Superior Performance

High impact products need to hold up longer and perform better to protect their users. SKYDEX is engineered to perform in the most extreme environments and protect from severe impacts.

SKYDEX has been used to mitigate impact in:


SKYDEX reduces the energy from an underbody vehicle blast event, protecting the vehicle occupants.

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SKYDEX increases protection and flexibility while withstanding the toughest challenges - from EOD missions to high-impact athletics.

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SKYDEX absorbs heel strike shock, protecting legs, hips and the back from impact over time.

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When incorporated into a stadium or facility wall, SKYDEX offers greater shock absorption as compared to traditional foam wall padding.

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products that need Vibration Attenuation

Vibration attenuating products are a critical part of systems used in many maritime, vehicle and industrial applications. SKYDEX engineers solutions that reduce vibration transmission more effectively than foam, rubber or other traditional products.

Whole Body Vibration Attenuation

There is growing awareness of the effects of whole-body vibration and the requirements to protect workers from exposure to vibration. The EU Directive 2002/44/EC and other legislation has driven SKYDEX to innovate in the area of vibration attenuation.

Extending Time to Vibration Exposure Limits

SKYDEX geometries isolate heavy static loads more effectively than foam or rubber and offer better control of stiffness and damping characteristics. By reducing vibration transmission, SKYDEX can extend the time until workers reach vibration exposure limits.

SKYDEX has been used to control vibration in:

Marine Seating

SKYDEX geometries offer both impact mitigation and vibration attenuation to protect marine craft occupants.

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Commercial Matting

Reducing vibration transmitted through the floor leads to improved and extended operator comfort.

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Commercial Vehicle Seating

Extend the time to limit for vehicle occupants by controlling the vibration transmitted through the seat to the user.

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products that need cushioning

SKYDEX can be tuned for improved pressure distribution and comfort.

Smooth Compression

Metal springs and standard foams stiffen as they compress and don’t effectively distribute interface pressure across the contact area. SKYDEX is engineered to compress in a controlled manner to provide improved envelopment and support.

Pressure Distribution

Cushioning and comfort are selective to each application. Some solutions require longer-life cycle, some require heavier load support. SKYDEX has the unique capability to program our geometry for controlled compression to meet a range of performance needs and effectively distribute interface pressures.

Performance Over Time

SKYDEX comfort geometries immediately respond and return to shape over extended cycles, providing a recognized advantage over short life-cycle foam. We use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as our principal raw material. This high-performance polymer ensures every solution performs as intended.

SKYDEX has been used to cushion:

Seat Cushion Inserts

Our inserts are simple, drop-in solutions that enhance durability and pressure distribution for a range of seat cushions.

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Our modular mattress solutions are designed to easily disassemble/reassemble in the event of contamination.

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