Engineered Performance

Integrated protection solutions - defined by you, designed by us. SKYDEX provides superior impact mitigation, cushioning, and vibration attenuation solutions with a unique difference.

Proprietary geometries.
Custom solutions.

The foundation of SKYDEX technology is our proprietary geometries. This technology allows us to distribute pressure, provide greater comfort and precisely tune the response to mitigate impact—which ultimately results in reduced risk of injury, pain and fatigue for our users.

18+ Patented Geometries
27+ Polymers
50+ Material Thicknesses

The high performance
alternative to foam

Impact Mitigation

The buckling characteristics of SKYDEX engineered geometries absorb energy and provide multi-impact protection for the life of a product.

Vibration Attenuation

SKYDEX technology can be tuned to optimize stiffness and damping characteristics to provide enhanced vibration isolation solutions.

Comfort Enhancement

Engineered geometries and material design compress under load in a smooth, controlled manner to provide immersion and envelopment of a body.

The SKYDEX Difference

Greater Durability
Thinner Profile
Increased Airflow
Lighter Weight


Every impact is unique, comfort is subjective, and different applications require different reactions. SKYDEX is unlike traditional materials you’ve seen. We can meet your needs across the full range of applications and tune our technology to you. We’re constantly innovating, testing, and discovering new ways to enhance your product’s performance characteristics.

Product Applications

Exceptional results

SKYDEX geometries produce measurable improvement in protection, comfort and performance in any product used for impact mitigation, vibration control or cushioning.


71% less

SKYDEX vehicle decking reduced the blast force transmitted through the floor by 71% in live fire testing.

53% less

SKYDEX seat inserts have reduced skin tissue deformation and maximum interface pressures by 53% compared to traditional foam.

32% less

A vehicle seat with a SKYDEX insert provides up to a 32% reduction in vibration transmission.


You Ask, We Answer

Have questions about how SKYDEX technology could be applied to your product? Our Frequently Asked Questions will guide you through an overview of how we work with customers to build custom solutions.

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Superior Protection, Maximum Performance

Explore the benefits of our patented technology and discover how it’s different from other materials. SKYDEX tunes our geometries for the desired performance to design a custom solution for you.

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