What is SKYDEX?

SKYDEX refers to both our company, SKYDEX Technologies, Inc., and our patented geometry-based technologies.

SKYDEX is a range of patented geometries that are formed from tough materials, primarily thermoplastics, in to components that provide impact mitigation, vibration attenuation and cushioning.

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How do the SKYDEX engineers determine what geometry is best for my application?

The SKYDEX engineering and research and development teams bring extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, ergonomics, blast mitigation, impact absorption, vibration attenuation and cushioning. Therefore, each new relationship we begin already has a running start! With almost two decades of experience with our technologies, our team understands the unique benefits of each technology and can fine tune a solution depending on specific performance and fit requirements.

I don’t see my specific market or application on your website – how do I know SKYDEX will work for me?

SKYDEX has provided solutions for a broad range of products and our technologies are rooted in military, athletic, industrial and consumer protection applications. Most commonly, our technology is used as a foam alternative and offers extensive benefits in both performance and longevity. We are always seeking new partnerships and looking to broaden the capabilities of SKYDEX technology, contact us to discuss your opportunity.

Can I get a sample of SKYDEX technology?

The blessing and the curse of SKYDEX is our ability to fine tune our technology for each application. Due to the range of performance characteristics we work with each partner to do an initial baseline evaluation of the ideal potential solution so we can provide a clear path to performance, and more importantly, product success.

Contact us to let us learn more about your project so we can provide a specific product demonstration.

Where can I buy SKYDEX?

SKYDEX sells a few products under the SKYDEX brand name and those can be purchased through the SKYDEX marketplace and our distributor network.

The majority of our business is in providing custom components that maximize the performance of our partner’s products! You can find links to our partner’s websites here. If you’re interested in incorporating SKYDEX or partnering on your next project, contact us here.

What does the SKYDEX Protected logo mean?

The SKYDEX Protected logo is an exclusive mark that our partners use to show their customers that they care about their protection. Products marked with the SKYDEX Protected logo have undergone the unique SKYDEX Formation Process to develop industry leading impact, cushioning and vibration attenuating solutions.

How can I partner with SKYDEX?

SKYDEX is always looking for new applications and to expand the horizons of our technology. Contact us today to discuss your product issues or next development project.