Enhancing Blast Seat Performance

Energy-Absorbing Layers for Blast Seat Cushions

With 15+ years of experience in blast mitigation, SKYDEX has developed blast seat cushion inserts that improve shock-mounted vehicle seats to make them more resilient, comfortable and durable.

Exceeds the survivability requirement by greater than 20%.

Blast Seat Interior

In today’s combat zone it is essential to have high-performance blast mitigation technology in military vehicles to ensure occupant protection. Crew survivability is paramount and vehicle manufacturers and equipment providers are innovating in ways to enhance protection without sacrificing efficiency and designing for space, weight, and power (SWaP). 

SKYDEX has developed seat cushion inserts to enhance the performance of any blast seat. Layered within traditional foam cushion material, SKYDEX Inserts are made from the same technology that has been field proven in over 24,000 vehicles worldwide. SKYDEX Inserts offer enhanced protection for the occupant during a blast event, as well as added comfort - the occupant feels less pain or fatigue from driving on bumpy, uneven roads with increased pressure distribution. Additionally, SKYDEX Inserts are engineered to reduce the transfer of vibration to the occupants and increase the lifespan of the complete seat cushion through improved durability.

Simple Integration

SKYDEX Inserts are easily integrated into existing or new seat designs to make them more robust and protective in a blast event. Upgrades to performance and durability can be made within the existing seat footprint. SKYDEX Inserts can be cut for a universal fit and integration is customizable with capabilities to match existing fleet designs while offering maximum protection.

Custom Engineered Solutions

SKYDEX’s engineering team has 15+ years’ experience designing solutions specifically for military vehicles. This has enabled the team to study and implement numerous solutions that enhance survivability in the most extreme cases. The SKYDEX team can work with you to design a custom solution for the desired level of protection and space claim. 

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Vibration Attenuation

Impact Mitigation

Comfort Enhancement

Improved Performance

Improves impact mitigation capability with additional shock absorption

Extended Durability

63% improved durability by removing foam layers

Enhanced Comfort

Reduces seat pressure by 40%

Universal Design

Improved operational effectiveness across all vehicle seat platforms

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