Enhancing Seat Cushion Life-Cycle

Performance that lasts

SKYDEX offers 10x the performance life-cycle of foam.

The material currently used in most seats is foam. Foam is limited in its ability to conform to the occupant’s seated shape without producing pressure points, does not effectively dampen vibration, and quickly deteriorates in high-performance environments. 

SKYDEX has developed a range of seat cushion inserts that are used to either replace a foam cushion or be combined and surrounded by foam to improve comfort, reduce the transfer of vibration to the occupant and increase the lifespan of the entire seat cushion.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Vibration Attenuation

Impact Mitigation

Comfort Enhancement

Enhanced Comfort Over Product Life-Cycle

Resilient, pressure distributing materials

Supportive Cushioning in Less Space

Lightweight, low-profile design

Made from Highly Durable Materials

Designed for all-day comfort


While seated, the main weight-bearing area of the body is under the ischial tuberosities (IT boines). Foam located under the IT bones deteriorates at an accelerated rate. Locating SKYDEX in this area prolongs the life of the total cushion because SKYDEX has shown a demonstrated improved durability over foam.

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