24/7 Ergonomic Chairs with BodyBilt

Enhanced Comfort and Improved Durability For Office Chairs

BodyBilt partnered with SKYDEX on their Next24, intensive-use seating line, to provide unparalleled comfort, support, and industry-leading durability. By combining the SKYDEX innovative seat cushion insert material with BodyBilt's ergonomic design, the Next 24 is ideal for long-shift seating with everlasting support and unsurpassed sustainability. 

Find out more about the Next24 here.

The Next24 is the first intensive-use office chair seat embedded with SKYDEX to reduce seated pressure and extend the life of the cushion. Next24 pairs SKYDEX technology with the BodyBilt seat pan to offer their users a cushion that has been ergonomically engineered for seated comfort. By conforming to the user's shape to offer support and pressure distribution, SKYDEX technology provides long-shift comfort when standard foam would fall short.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Comfort Enhancement

All-Day Comfort

SKYDEX offers 43% better pressure compared to all-foam cushion - meaning more comfort for you

Extended Durability

Made from highly-resilient materials, SKYDEX has 10x the life-cycle of foam

Enhanced Stability

Engineered to gradually compress around the user's shape, SKYDEX provides unique immersion and envelopment characteristics for the user