ISO 9001:2015

Committed to Quality

From boat builders to bomb suits, a range of markets across the globe depend on SKYDEX's commitment to quality and operational excellence

The SKYDEX Quality Management System consists of all the processes, resources, and cultural values that support the company's goal of customer satisfaction, organizational efficiency, and operational excellence. Whether it's sports protection or marine performance, this system provides a framework for the design, manufacture, and sale of products for impact mitigation across diverse applications on a global scale.

“Achieving recertification in 2020 demonstrates our team’s unrelenting dedication to providing premium value through the highest performance standards and extreme durability in order to protect people and things that matter.”

Alvaro Vaselli, SKYDEX President & CEO

"Our mission is to provide customers with aluminum workboats designed to not only meet their needs but to provide maximum safety. Fit and quality play a huge role in the products we develop, especially when it comes to weathering the harsh marine environment and we needed a dedicated partner that understood these parameters. We are proud to collaborate with SKYDEX on a number of critical projects for the U.S. Navy and leverage their protective solutions."

Shawn Lobree, Silver Ships

"As a global leader in protective equipment, people around the world trust our products for their safety and security. We hold our teams accountable to a robust quality system and those expectations extend to our suppliers as well. We have worked with SKYDEX since 2015 and depend on them to provide high-quality energy absorbing components in our bomb suits – their recent certification speaks very highly of their efforts to protect lives every day."

Dr. Aris Makris, Med-Eng

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