Defined by Innovation

At SKYDEX, we believe that optimal performance demands game-changing innovation. Our team of engineers and product development specialists bring industry-leading expertise and a collaborative approach to every project.

It Starts With a Conversation

Every SKYDEX engagement begins with a conversation. How can your product perform better? What are your customers looking for? What benefits do your products of the future offer? With those questions answered, SKYDEX is often able to provide you with our proven solutions. If a custom solution is needed, SKYDEX will collaborate with you on product development.



  • What are your performance objectives?
  • How can SKYDEX improve your product?
  • Does innovative technology give you an advantage?



  • Programmable materials to meet your performance needs
  • On-site capabilities to rapidly produce prototypes
  • Functional prototype to drive your project advancement



  • Industry leading, in-house test capabilities
  • In depth knowledge of industry standards and certifications
  • "Open-invite" project development ensure our capabilities meet your goals



  • State of the art equipment for rapid development and cost-efficient production
  • ISO 2001:2015
  • Production standards that translate to global manufacturing

A typical SKYDEX development project can be completed in weeks or a few short months. Together we can transform your products.

Rapid Prototyping
On-Site Testing

SKYDEX has invested in a world-class on-site research and development facility to quickly and efficiently design and evaluate solutions.

Our team of product engineers validate solutions using an array of impact, pressure and vibration measurement tools. We design, prototype and test in a seamless process to rapidly produce a product concept for your company.

Protecting People and Things That Matter®


Once we've developed a solution, we work with you to determine the best way to efficiently manufacture your components. Our scalable and global manufacturing enables large order logistics and regional supply chain goals.

Across Industries

Our technology applies to virtually every industry. With proven expertise in impact mitigation, vibration control and cushioning, SKYDEX's tuned geometries take products to the next level. Our team creates custom solutions that provide maximum protection, whenever and wherever needed.

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You Ask, We Answer

Have questions about how SKYDEX technology could be applied to your product? Our Frequently Asked Questions will guide you through an overview of how we work with customers to build custom solutions.

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Superior Protection, Maximum Performance

Explore the benefits of our patented technology and discover how it’s different from other materials. SKYDEX tunes our geometries for the desired performance to design a custom solution for you.

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