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Intelligent solutions lead to maximum performance

For decades, the U.S. Armed Forces and brands of all sizes have used SKYDEX to make their products better. Our technical expertise and proprietary geometries produce solutions that outperform traditional materials across applications and industries. Whether it’s comfort, impact or vibration solutions - perform better with SKYDEX.

Product Applications
Comfort Enhancement Solutions
Vibration Attenuation Solutions
Impact Mitigation Solutions
SKYDEX advanced on-site production

Unparalleled Technology

Our patented, polymer-based geometries absorb energy to enhance your comfort, shield you from impact and lessen vibration-related fatigue. Our unique geometries can be customized to be a component for each solution and meet your desired performance characteristics. SKYDEX technology offers superior performance over competitive materials.

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An Engineering Partnership

We are a team of problem solvers dedicated to engineering and manufacturing solutions that maximize performance.

Through close collaboration, we optimize our solutions to meet your product needs. Our goal is help you enhance your product with new capabilities and challenge your marketplace beyond traditional materials.

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SKYDEX protected knee pad
SKYDEX advanced on-site production

Advanced, On-Site Production

At SKYDEX, our process doesn't end when a solution is created.

We work with our customers to identify an efficient manufacturing method. Utilizing SKYDEX’s on-site equipment and our integrated network of manufacturing partners, we can quickly scale our production capabilities to complement your product.

Protecting People and Things That Matter®

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