Body Protection System for Med-Eng

Superior Protection for EOD Teams

Trusted by defense forces, public safety and humanitarian demining agencies across the globe, Med-Eng has set the universal standard for bomb suits for more than 30 years. In partnership with Med-Eng, SKYDEX developed a body protection system to enhance their bomb suit. The end-product met the company's commitment to providing optimal balance between outstanding protection and flexibility for the toughest EOD missions. 

Med-Eng Bomb Suit

Blast events result in the human body experiencing violent impacts - from heat and shrapnel to overpressure that hits the body with visceral force. Thus, bomb suits are imperative for technician and personnel survival and smooth mission completion. The Med-Eng team approached SKYDEX to engineer a solution that would provide the highest level of protection and be durable enough to meet the extreme requirements of their products.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Impact Mitigation

Comfort Enhancement

Customized Solution

Engineered to meet Med-Eng's specific range of extreme impacts and pressure mitigating requirements

Thin and Lightweight

Efficient design offers a body protection system that provides superior capabilities during a blast event


Transfers heat from the user through the air cavities in the system's structure