Impact Protection & Comfort

Enhanced Footwear Performance

High-performance impact and cushioning solutions to replace foam or other traditional materials. Engineered to combine different cushioning rates within one simple part, SKYDEX supports the foot in motion with improved cushioning, enhanced impact performance, and consumer appeal.

Shoe illustration

SKYDEX has engineered a high-performance line of footwear technology that better mitigates impact and shock - protecting hips, legs, and the back more effectively than traditional materials. Our geometries allow for flexible tunability to mitigate impact, distribute pressure, and provide greater comfort.

SKYDEX is highly adjustable. By altering the size, shape, and geometry of our technology we can respond to complex support and cushioning needs. Foot by foot, sport by sport, SKYDEX balances cushioning, performance, flexibility, and durability.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Impact Mitigation

Comfort Enhancement

Low Profile

Superior cushioning in a thin profile

Easily Integrated

Simple integration into any footwear design and manufacturing method


Manufactured from tough, resilient material for long-lasting durability


Tune for specific impact absorption characteristics

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