SKYDEX Wins Procurement of USMC Knee And Elbow Inserts Protecting Marines In Battle

SKYDEX-engineered inserts replace foam in first big military breakthrough Centennial, CO – The USMC have placed orders for over 83,000 sets of knee and elbow pads that will be issued to Marines containing SKYDEX inserts. The inserts which add product life in the field as well as substantially more comfort and durability will begin shipping in the next 8 weeks. The insert rests inside the knee and elbow, right up against the hard plastic outer cap which helps absorb the initial impact from a fall our concussion blast. SKYDEX materials absorb impact through compression of opposed hemispheres formed from durable elastic polymers. It is proven to offer far more effective impact protection in less space than traditional cushioning materials like foam or rubber. In addition, it was custom engineered to provide maximum shock absorption at the most critical impact points for this application The USMC placed the order with Source One, a distributor in Florida and the products will be made by Bijans Protective Equipment in Santa Rosa CA. “We have been working with various branches of the military for over 2 years” said Mike Buchen, chief executive officer of SKYDEX. “We have a remarkable technology, and this first knee and elbow pad order is a significant breakthrough and a reward for our persistence in that market. It is also the first of several products that we believe will follow over the next several months. The military is the perfect place for SKYDEX with its advantages over all types of foam and I cannot think of a better place for our technology, “Protecting People and Things That Matter® About SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. SKYDEX™ shock absorbing technology is redefining cushioning and protective capabilities in a wide variety of products, from helmets and running shoes to stadium outfield walls. SKYDEX materials have been proven to outperform and significantly outlast foams, gels and other products. Patented SKYDEX technology combines high performance polymers with proprietary geometry for superior cushioning power, and the technology can be endlessly customized for specific applications. Slated to become a household name in cushioning and impact protection, SKYDEX technology is used by some of the world’s most innovative consumer brands, including Schutt, Nike, Pearl Izumi, Ariat and Burton, as well as by the U.S. Military. SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in Centennial, Colo. For more information visit