SKYDEX Protects James Bond In Casino Royale

January 2, 2007 (CENTENNIAL, CO) —The toughest Bond in franchise history, Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, recently had protection from SKYDEX Technologies Inc., based in Centennial, Colorado. SKYDEX’s revolutionary system of chemically bonded twin-hemisphere technology was used for stunts in the December 2006 blockbuster. The producers replaced mounds of traditional foam with thin SKYDEX panels to absorb impact and offer better protection to the actors and stunt people. According to SKYDEX CEO Michael Buchen, one SKYDEX panel 2 ¾ inches thick effectively replaces 12 to 18 inches of foam cushioning. “Our unique shape (picture two opposing halves of a tennis ball being squeezed together) creates lightweight, strong and custom-engineered products that replace less effective cushioning methods including foam, rubber, gel and honeycomb products. The twin hemisphere design absorbs more shock in less space, while still maintaining its shape,” says SKYDEX Technologies CEO Michael Buchen. Casino Royale stunts included a chase along a 140-foot crane, a brutal tumble down a stairwell, numerous fist fights, an underwater rescue scene, a fight to the death in a toilet and a spectacular free-running sequence bouncing off roofs and walls. While Craig has gained notoriety for insisting on doing as many of the stunts in the film as his insurance carrier would allow, Gary Powell, Casino Royale stunt coordinator, picked up where Craig’s insurance left off. Powell has starred in four Bond films. A presence on the silver screen isn’t new to SKYDEX – 75 panels of SKYDEX were used in filming the action-packed stunts in The Bourne Identity starring Matt Damon in 2002. Formed in 1999, SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. develops attenuation technology for several vertical market fields including athletic, military, industrial, marine and healthcare products. “Protecting People and Things That Matter®” is the SKYDEX mission. Located in Centennial, Colorado, the company has quickly emerged as a leading choice for innovative cushioning technology. For more information about SKYDEX, visit or call 303-790-4003.