SKYDEX Protects Colorado National Guard

(Centennial, CO) - Colorado National Guard turns to local Colorado company for helmet padding. Centennial, CO based company SKYDEX Technologies Inc. has been choosed to provide their ballistic helmet upgrade pads to enhance the comfort and performance of the helmets used by the local National Guard. Having already fielded over 600,000 pad sets to militaries and law enforcement around the world, SKYDEX offers a unique and superior product that utilizes their patented twin hemisphere technology. With the ability to absorb more impact in less space, SKYDEX pads offer more room for comfort padding and are the only pads on the market to offer an airflow feature with their unique technology. SKYDEX's ongoing commitment to "Protecting People and Things That Matter® has lead to the development of a number of different military products, including knee pads, military vehicle seating, and boat decking, along with protecting those in the athletic and commercial/industrial world.