SKYDEX Makes An Impact At Applied Ergonomics Conference

March 19, 2008 - SKYDEX Makes an Impact at Applied Ergonomics Conference

Centennial, CO (March 19, 2008) – SKYDEX Technologies, Inc., featured their latest products to reduce the vibrations and impact felt through a seating pad designed for industrial, military, commercial and consumer industries at the Applied Ergonomics Conference.

Held in Orlando, FL, this was the 11th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo. Highlighting the latest in ergonomic solutions for the workplace, SKYDEX seating technology offered an innovative, effective and one of a kind solution for industrial vehicles.

Kicking off the conference and expo, a Product Development Engineer for SKYDEX presented on the topic of ‘Whole Body Vibration’ and the current presence of the issue in the industrial work place. Spurring questions and ideas from the presentation, SKYDEX representatives spent the rest of the conference meeting with leaders in the ergonomic industry and industrial workplaces to further explain the seating technology and how it can be utilized in the workplace to protect employees and employers bottom lines.

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