SKYDEX to Introduce Expanded High-Performance Boat Deck Product Line At the Multi-Agency Craft Conference

SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. (SKYDEX), the leading provider of shock-mitigating boat decking products for high-speed craft, is launching their expanded range of products and coverage options at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference June 10 – 12, 2014, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. SKYDEX leverages patented energy-absorbing geometries to provide protection from the severe effects of service boat operations. SKYDEX technology has proven itself in tough military environments having been integrated into over 20,000 military vehicles worldwide. "SKYDEX has provided complete boat deck impact mitigation applications and personal impact mitigation mats for years. We are excited to introduce a more wide-ranging boat deck product line to meet the differing needs of our customers," said Frank Mendicino, CEO of SKYDEX. "Everyone who has operated or ridden in a fast boat is painfully aware of the beating the human body takes at high speeds in rough seas. SKYDEX Boat Deck products provide a solution to that problem by absorbing much of the energy displacement and vibration otherwise absorbed by the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower backs of the boat occupants." SKYDEX Boat Deck is available in four product types designed around the desired level of deck coverage and customization required. SKYDEX Boat Deck Max Coverage, Helm Custom, Helm and Personal, are easy to install and maintain, and are self-draining and anti-slip, providing a lower cost and lighter weight alternative to more expensive, shock-mounted or suspended marine seating. SKYDEX Boat Deck provides unparalleled performance through a patented twin hemisphere technology that cushions impacts, and absorbs vibration and shock, reducing the impact of severe boat operations on the operator and crew. Stable under foot, resistant to fuel damage and UV-tolerant, the decking minimizes potential for injury to operator and crew due to wave slam in severe sea states. Laboratory testing demonstrates that the shock transfer to humans from non-cushioned deck surfaces is significant in moderate and extreme sea states. SKYDEX Boat Deck addresses costly operator downtime caused by repeated exposure to the high wave slam and high vibration environment experienced in high-speed craft operations. By significantly reducing shock transfer to operators and crew, SKYDEX's high-performance products increase comfort on the water, optimize operational effectiveness, and minimize risk and injury. About SKYDEX: SKYDEX, an ISO 9001:2008 certified, privately-held technology company, is the industry leader in developing protective materials that mitigate shock, dampen vibration and provide superior cushioning for the most demanding military and commercial uses. With superior durability, cleanability, and performance, its innovations include blast-mitigating flooring for combat vehicles, padding for military helmets, shock-absorbing decking for high-speed boats, personnel protection equipment and footwear. SKYDEX serves consumer, commercial and military customers, and is a leading global supplier to the armed forces. Inspired by its motto 'Protecting People and Things That Matter®' SKYDEX utilizes its patented geometry-based technologies to help clients maximize the performance and long-term value of their most important assets. For more information, please visit