SKYDEX, General Dynamics Sign Multi-Million-Dollar Purchase Order For Convoy Decking on New Stryker DVH Vehicles for Afghanistan

SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with General Dynamics Land Systems- Canada (GDLS-C) for its Convoy Deck – a patented blast-mitigating vehicle decking material - for 200 Stryker Double V-Hull (DVH) vehicles deploying to Afghanistan. The SKYDEX Convoy Deck has already been installed in thousands of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the Buffalo, Cougar and Oshkosh M-ATV. Last year, General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada ordered SKYDEX's blast-mitigating decking for 550 of its Stryker vehicles now in service in Afghanistan. "St SKYDEX, we are all about saving war fighters' lives and protecting people and things that matter," said SKYDEX Presdient and CEO. "Our first and last thought every day is about protecting those in harm's way. IED (improved explosive device) blasts cause the great majority of casualties in Afghanistan and our decking significantly improved the survivability for the occupants. WE are proud to be working with GDLS-C to dramatically improve survivability for American troops in combat." Independent testing demonstrates that SKYDEX blast-mitigating technology greatly reduces the threat to lower leg injuries by diminishing the force of an IED blast reaching personnel aboard an armored vehicle. The testing demonstrated that during a typical blast force without the SKYDEX Convoy Deck, vehicles occupants face an increased percent change of injury. Adding SKYDEX decking drastically reduces the chance of injury to about 10 percent. Testing wad done according to NATO's STANAG 4569 protection standards and threshold.