SKYDEX Expands Boat Decking Products into Finland with Kewatec Shipyards

Centennial, Colo., January 30, 2024 -- SKYDEX, a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions, announced that they have provided Kewatec Shipyards, a leading builder of high-performance aluminum boats, with their impact mitigating boat decking. This brings technology that has been on the water for over two decades protecting the U.S. Navy, to Finland for the first time. Driven by the need to enhance shock mitigation capabilities and better protect the crew from whole-body vibration (WBV), Kewatec and SKYDEX are leading the way in high-performance protection for those working on the water.

Kewatec’s design team is focused on producing boats that are designed for rough use in a variety of maritime environments. They are building boats that are built to go faster in rougher seas, which requires necessary safety elements for the crew onboard. “We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs when designing our vessels,” said Krister Rask, Project Manager at Kewatec. “With SKYDEX boat decking we can easily integrate a proven solution to protect our customers.”

SKYDEX is the leading global supplier of decking and seating technology specifically engineered for shock mitigation in the maritime environment. Originally developed with the U.S. Navy, SKYDEX now has a complete product line of impact mitigating solutions to fit a range of vessel requirements. With the recent emphasis on protecting from whole-body vibration, SKYDEX has been working closely with industry leaders worldwide to understand the benefits of their technology and how they can help builders and other maritime organizations meet industry requirements. “SKYDEX is excited to support Kewatec and bring our products to this region,” said Alvaro Vaselli, President & CEO of SKYDEX. “Our team has been on the forefront of innovation for the rapidly evolving whole-body vibration focus and customers like Kewatec prove that we are ready to provide a solution.”

Kewatec has selected the SKYDEX Maximum Series to provide shock mitigation on select craft. Featuring a low profile and high-performance energy absorbing layer, the SKYDEX Maximum Series has been providing protection for over a decade on key commercial and military programs, including the MK VI for the U.S. Navy.

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