SKYDEX, Defense Logistics Agency Sign Additional Eight Contracts for Blast-Mitigating M-ATV Flooring

SKYDEX Technologies – the industry leader in developing innovative technologies that mitigate shock, vibration and energy forces for the most demanding military applications – today announced eight additional contracts valued at $600,000 with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to provide its blast-mitigating Convoy Deck product for the M-ATV vehicle. Earlier this year, DLA placed orders valued at over $1 million to have prepositioned SKYDEX convoy decking in place for 1,000 vehicles in service in Afghanistan. Independent testing demonstrates that SKYDEX blast-mitigating technology greatly reduces the threat of lower leg injuries by diminishing the force of an improvised explosive device (IED) blast reaching personnel aboard an armored vehicle. The testing demonstrated that during a typical blast event without the SKYDEX Convoy Deck, vehicle occupants face a 100 percent chance of injury. Adding SKYDEX decking drastically reduces the chance of injury to about 10 percent. Even at three times the typical blast force, SKYDEX technology reduces the amount of force reaching crew members by 71 percent. Testing was done under the NATO’s STANAG 4569 protection standards and thresholds. “We are committed to working with DLA to make sure our troops have the best possible protection in all vehicles used in theater,” said SKYDEX President and CEO Mike Buchen. “IED blasts still cause the great majority of casualties in Afghanistan, a fact that drives our continued research and development to further enhance our product’s ability to improve survivability for vehicle occupants.” The SKYDEX Convoy Deck has already been installed more than 13,000 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, including the RG-31, Cougar, Stryker and Oshkosh M-ATV. The product is now standard equipment in new Oshkosh and GDLS-C M-ATVs. Earlier this year, both GDLS-C and Oshkosh signed multi-million-dollar agreements with SKYDEX to provide its Convoy Deck for 200 new GDLS-C Stryker Double V-Hull (DVH) vehicles deploying to Afghanistan and for over 1,400 Oshkosh M-ATV vehicles. The value of the SKYDEX Convoy Deck was underscored recently in a Safety of Use Message issued by the Joint Program Office for MRAP, after receiving reports that some troops were removing the SKYDEX protective flooring from their vehicles to create additional space for gear. "In vehicle-level blast testing, the floor coverings have proven to reduce the risk of lower leg fractures by absorbing blast waves and lessening the pressure transmitted into the body. Removing the floor coverings can reduce a crewmember's ability to survive the blast," Nathaniel Parady of the Joint Programs Office wrote in Knowledge - Official Safety Magazine of the U.S. Army. A DLA spokeswoman recently explained that agency’s decision to purchase the SKYDEX Convoy Deck by saying it “can improve the survivability for service members in Afghanistan.” She told the Denver Business Journal that SKYDEX “specializes in manufacturing material that reduces injuries to America’s service members from improvised explosive devices. “ Using its patented twin-hemisphere geometric designs, SKYDEX Technologies manufactures multiple lines of products to protect warriors from harmful impacts. Its thermoplastic polyurethane technology has proven far more effective and far more resilient than foam products in a wide array of applications – from convoy decking to high impact boat decking to combative wall surfaces to vehicle and helicopter seating to ballistic helmet pads and body protection. SKYDEX’s innovations are fulfilling the need to absorb a greater amount of destructive energy using thinner, lighter materials to carry out on the battlefield. About SKYDEX SKYDEX, a privately held technology company headquartered in Denver, CO, is the industry leader in developing protective materials that mitigate shock, vibration and/or energy forces for the most demanding military and commercial uses. Our technologically advanced innovations include blast-mitigating flooring for combat vehicles, padding for military helmets, vibration-attenuating seating for both ground vehicles and helicopters and shock absorbing decking for high speed interceptor boats. SKYDEX clients are government and commercial entities that value the increased survivability and reduced impact implications that SKYDEX technology provides to their most important assets – the human operator. Inspired by its motto – “Protecting People and Things That Matter®” – SKYDEX utilizes its patented twin-hemisphere plastics technology to design and manufacture a wide range of products and is a leading supplier to armed forces around the world. For more information, please visit