SKYDEX Contracts For More Than $650,000 In Impact Mitigating Boat Decking for High Speed Boats

SKYDEX Technologies – the industry leader in developing innovative technologies that mitigate shock, vibration and energy forces for the most demanding applications – today announced it has completed multiple contracts valued at over $650,000 for its Impact Mitigating Boat Deck (IMBD) product this year. SKYDEX IMBD was installed in RABs (Riverine Assault Boat) and RHIBs (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat) used by the U.S. Navy’s Riverine Patrol Squadrons and the Coast Guard’s Harbor Safety Patrol. The SKYDEX IMBD is uniquely designed to absorb energy transmitted through boat hulls crashing into waves during high speed maneuvering, protecting occupants on the boat. In a survey of Special Operations craft operators, 62% reported injuries incurred during maneuvering operations. SKYDEX’s patented, geometrically designed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) technology acts as a spring to absorb impacts and vibrations that would normally transfer directly through the boat deck to the occupant’s feet and legs, causing fatigue, discomfort and injury. “SKYDEX’s start in shock mitigating materials was with boat decking. Our IMBD is the best solution to protecting our sailors from the powerful, repeated impacts experienced while working on the decks of these fast attack boats,” said SKYDEX President and CEO Mike Buchen. “Our mission as a company is to continue to create products that will protect our troops, whether on land or sea.” One of SKYDEX’s other shock mitigating products – SKYDEX Convoy Deck – has been fielded in more than 13,000 Mine Resistant Ambush (MRAP) vehicles to protect crewmembers from IED blasts. Independent testing shows that in a typical IED blast, the Convoy Deck reduces the chances of injury from 100 percent to about 10 percent. The product is now standard equipment in new Oshkosh All-Terrain Vehicles (M-ATVs) and GDLS-C MRAP. SKYDEX Technologies employs its patented, twin-hemisphere design in multiple lines of products to protect warriors from harmful impacts and vibration. Its TPU technology has proven far more effective and far more resilient than foam products in a wide array of applications – from convoy decking to high impact boat decking to combative wall surfaces to vehicle and helicopter seating to ballistic helmet pads and body protection. SKYDEX’s innovations are fulfilling the need to absorb greater amounts of destructive energy in smaller spaces, using thinner, lighter materials to carry out on the battlefield. About SKYDEX SKYDEX, a privately held technology company headquartered in Denver, CO, is the industry leader in developing protective materials that mitigate shock, vibration and/or energy forces for the most demanding military and commercial uses. Our technologically advanced innovations include blast-mitigating flooring for combat vehicles, padding for military helmets, vibration-attenuating seating for both ground vehicles and helicopters and shock absorbing decking for high speed interceptor boats. SKYDEX clients are government and commercial entities that value the increased survivability and reduced impact implications that SKYDEX technology provides to their most important assets – the human operator. Inspired by its motto – “Protecting People and Things That Matter®” – SKYDEX utilizes its patented twin-hemisphere plastics technology to design and manufacture a wide range of products and is a leading supplier to armed forces around the world. For more information, please visit