SKYDEX Called Into Action By US Military

DENVER – November 6, 2006 – SKYDEX Technologies marked its first major contract to protect United States soldiers around the world. SKYDEX was selected because of its unique and disruptive impact mitigation technology.

SKYDEX was selected to provide 120,000 helmet pad kits to ADS, Inc., to be distributed to the United States Air Force immediately.

In addition, various Army bases around the country have ordered more than 30,000 helmet pad kits for its soldiers. SKYDEX's patented technology initially built its brand name protecting athletes with its various products. It later broadened into the industrial, marine and healthcare industries.

Now SKYDEX technology has been called to the battlefield. The opposing twin-hemisphere design protects things that matter by dramatically improving the impact protection of Air Force and Army ballistic helmets.

The padding retrofits military helmets already used in the field by troops to provide more impact protection and help save lives.

"While continuing our work in other markets we have added staff dedicated to the protection of our troops. It has become our top priority," said SKYDEX Technologies CEO Michael Buchen. "Secondly, these partnerships provide SKYDEX with substantial incremental revenue."

SKYDEX materials absorb impact through compression of opposed hemispheres formed from durable elastic polymers. Such materials are proven to offer far more effective impact protection and require less space than traditional cushioning materials like foam or rubber. The pads are custom engineered to provide maximum shock absorption at the most critical impact points.

ADS is intensely focused on providing the timely and cost effective tactical and special operational products as well as logistics solutions clients need to increase their operational effectiveness and complete their missions – at home or in theatre. ADS provides operators with state-of-the-art individual and small unit equipment to enhance their quality of life and increase their combat effectiveness. In addition, ADS helps customers develop integrated, modular, interoperable and flexible multi-mission force packages to deter and defeat our enemies.

ADS has developed procedures that shorten the "logistics pipeline" to provide rapid response and the best possible pricing to customers worldwide. Through customized equipment and logistics packages, ADS supports the war fighter throughout all phases of the deployment process.

About SKYDEX Technologies, Inc.

SKYDEX™ shock absorbing technology redefines cushioning and protective capabilities in a wide variety of products to protect the things that matter most in our lives –our friends and family. SKYDEX products range from helmets of all types and running shoes to stadium outfield walls. Its materials have been proven to outperform and significantly outlast foams, gels and other products. Patented SKYDEX technology combines high performance polymers with proprietary geometry for superior cushioning power, and the technology can be endlessly customized for specific applications. Quickly becoming a household name in cushioning and impact protection, SKYDEX technology is used by some of the world’s most innovative consumer brands as well as by the U.S. Military. SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in Centennial, Colo. For more information, visit

About ADS, Inc.

ADS supports and supplies all federal, state and local government agencies. ADS is a Worldwide DLA Prime Vendor, a General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder and a DOD EMALL contract holder. ADS' current Prime Vendor contract is an indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity contract to provide specialized equipment and services. The company holds GSA contracts with numerous tactical and special operational equipment manufacturers. ADS is the 2005 Defense Logistics Agency "DLA Business Alliance Innovative Small Business Performer of the Year." This recognition was achieved for outstanding efforts to partner with DLA and improve the agency's mission – providing supplies and services to America's war fighters. For more information, visit