SKYDEX Announces Strategic Alliance with Shock Mitigation Solutions

Centennial, CO - SKYDEX is pleased to announce its new strategic alliance with UK based company Shock Mitigation Solutions Ltd. SKYDEX CEO Alvaro Vaselli said, “We believe that this relationship will enable boat builders and marine organizations around the world to benefit from SKYDEX protective technologies. As the leader in bringing premier marine solutions to the UK and Europe, our partnership with Shock Mitigation Solutions represents our mutual commitment to making the water a safer place to work and have fun.”

For over a decade, SKYDEX has been investing in providing innovative solutions for the marine market. From impact mitigating boat decking to recent work in shock mitigating seat cushion inserts, SKYDEX utilizes patented geometry-based technology to design solutions that excel in the harsh marine environment.

Shock Mitigation Solutions Managing Director, John Haynes said, ‘We believe that the unique range of SKYDEX products can significantly improve comfort and safety for crew and passengers on all types of fast craft and workboats. We look forward to using our experience to integrate SKYDEX into marine and special projects.”

SKYDEX Marine Products Overview

SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Boat Decking is available in a range of products depending on the level of impact protection required. SKYDEX decking can be installed as customizable helm mats or as a full-deck solution on new boats. SKYDEX decking can also be utilized as a retrofit solution to reduce the effects of shock and vibration on any craft. Field-proven for over a decade, SKYDEX decking is installed on over 6,000 military, professional and commercial vessels.

To offer a holistic solution to protect users of marine craft, SKYDEX has developed their latest innovation, Impact Mitigating Seat Cushion Inserts. Metrics demonstrate how cushions with SKYDEX Inserts can reduce the effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) within the existing cushion design and with no weight gain. Available as a cut-to-fit solution for all types of marine seating, from jockey and bench seats on RIBs to wheelhouse seating, SKYDEX Inserts provide unbeatable durability and improve comfort for all sizes of seat occupants in a wide range of sea conditions.

About Shock Mitigation Solutions

Shock Mitigation Solutions delivers expertise to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of injury for all maritime sectors worldwide. The objective is to develop solutions which improve crew and passenger safety, whilst maintaining the operational performance of high speed craft and onboard equipment.


SKYDEX is a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and cushioning solutions and is dedicated to Protecting People and Things That Matter®. With superior precision, durability and tunability, our proprietary technology is engineered to excel in the harshest and most demanding conditions. Our customized applications unlock value for customers across an extensive range of commercial, military, athletic and consumer applications.