SKYDEX Announces Expansion of Armored Vehicle Blast Mat Product Line with Industry-Leading Blast-Mitigating Technology

New blast mat technology now available to protect armored vehicles in the lightest weight and thinnest profile on market

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Sept 8, 2023 -- SKYDEX, a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions, today announced the expansion of the company's blast mat product line which features its leading blast-mitigating technology for armored vehicle protection. The new SKYDEX Enhanced Threat Blast Mats are engineered to protect from mid-to-severe underbody blast events in the lightest weight and thinnest profile available to the market.

"As the original provider of blast-mitigating mats for armored vehicles, SKYDEX is proud to expand its Convoy Deck product line to further protect people from all phases of a blast event," said Alvaro Vaselli, President and CEO of SKYDEX. "SKYDEX has installed over 125,000 blast mats and our passionate team of engineers is on a mission to deliver that same level of high-performance protection in a lighter and thinner mat."

Like other SKYDEX Blast Mats, the Enhanced Threat product has been engineered to reduce tibia loads during underbody blast events, reducing the changes of lower leg injury and increasing blast event survivability. With resilient, multi-impact performance that adheres to MIL-PRF-32566A SKYDEX is excited to offer protection in the low profile of 1.23 inches (3cm) with an areal weight of only 0.98 lb/ft2 (4.8 kg/m2).

SKYDEX will be showcasing the Enhanced Threat product, along with their other high performance solutions for military protection, at next week’s DSEi conference in London.


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