SKYDEX and Nurol Makina Strengthen Partnership to Support Growing Sales of the NMS 4x4

Turkish automaker Nurol Makina expands production of their 4x4 armored vehicle that relies on SKYDEX blast mitigating technology to offer critical protection

Centennial, Colo., March 5, 2024 – SKYDEX Technologies, Inc.,a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions, announced an expansion of its partnership with Nurol Makina, a Turkish automaker that produces armored land vehicles, for the growing production of their 4x4 Vehicles. SKYDEX supports Nurol Makina in offering the highest level of protection in their lightweight, highly maneuverable vehicles for their international customer base.

Nurol Makina is committed to using the best protection technologies to support their customers. With SKYDEX they can offer different mine protection level according to STANAG 4569 NATO Standard. Since partnering with SKYDEX, Nurol Makina has seen an expanding demand for more protective vehicles.

Before worldwide adoption of SKYDEX Blast Mats, injury data compiled by the UK Ministry of Defense, showed that 81% of all soldier injuries were lower leg injuries and 87% of all soldier casualties had sustained a lower leg injury. Used by 40+ brands worldwide with over 125,000 life-saving mats installed in armored vehicles, SKYDEX has been providing the leading product for blast protection for over 15 years. “Our mats are engineered for survivability. By reducing the chance of lower limb injury by over 90%, we give vehicle occupants the chance to survive a blast event,” said Alvaro Vaselli, SKYDEX President and CEO. “Nurol Makina has been a strong partner for many years, and we are proud to work with a company that shares our dedication to protecting those on the battlefield.”

With Nurol Makina’s commitment to utilize the best solutions to increase protection, they are experiencing rapid growth and demand for the platform. Currently exporting the 4x4 vehicle to over 20 countries, Nurol Makina is continually evolving the platform and will work with SKYDEX to extend their technologies to other areas inside the vehicle. “We build modern vehicles that perform on today’s battlefield, no matter what environment they are deployed in. “SKYDEX has been a good solution partner for Nurol Makina in building highest performing vehicles in 4x4 segment,” said Melik Seviş, Nurol Makina Planning and Procurement Director.

Using SKYDEX High Threat Blast Mitigating Mats, this partnership offers the highest level of occupant protection in a lightweight, high performance armored vehicle.

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