Shock Mitigation Discusses SKYDEX AT High Speed Boat Forum In Gothenburg Sweden

(Gothenburg, Sweden) - Following a personal invitation from Johan Ullman, event organizer, John Haynes of Shock Mitigation Ltd presented a paper at this gathering of maritime professionals from around the world entitled, ‘Deck Materials for Reducing Shock and Vibration.’

The presentation was an outline of the history, function and potential of this unique material. The objective has been to develop a range of deck cushioning to reduce shock and vibration on RIBs and high speed craft. The combined marine expertise of Shock Mitigation UK and the technical knowledge of SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. have transformed boat decking.

The concept of SKYDEX is to cushion impact by using geometry instead of air. The patented twin hemisphere system works by having opposing hemispheres bearing upon each other to create a spring-like reaction. SKYDEX technology reduces vibration and impact by ‘tuning’ the type, shape and thickness of the material depending on the application.

The presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session and further discussion that reflected the global interest in shock mitigation. Participants were a mix of experienced operators and decision makers from over 40 countries ranging from Singapore to Canada, South Africa to Finland and most maritime countries in between.