Navy Seal Technology Now Available To Recreational Boaters

Denver, CO - New Sea Shocks boat mat uses cutting-edge materials installed on Special Forces assault boats to reduce bodily wear and tear Boaters with a soar back or aching knees from a long day on the water now have a novel way to reduce the jarring effects of rough seas. SKYDEX Technologies introduces Sea Shocks, a high performance shock-absorbing mat that can absorb impact up to 75 percent better than foam or rubber products. The same cutting-edge technology is currently used to fight fatigue and chronic injury on high-speed Navy SEAL assault boats. The repetitive impact of a high-speed boat on the water delivers a tremendous amount of shock to the body, resulting in fatigue and often chronic injury to the lower back, knees and neck. The Sea Shock 16” x 32” boat mat, designed to be placed at the center console, utilizes breakthrough SKYDEX cushioning technology to absorb the high G forces that result from hard contact on the water. SKYDEX cushioning materials are used in high performance impact-absorbing applications such as the newest NFL football helmets and Nike Air Max shoes. Sea Shocks technology was initially developed for the United States Special Forces to better absorb the extreme G-forces experiences by Navy SEALs on high speed assault boats. In independent testing at the S Army Natick Soldier Center, Sea Shocks reduced peak G forces by 90 percent compared to the Navy SEALs incumbent material. Sea Shocks military boat decking is now installed by a variety of boat builders, including Zodiac, Willard Marine, USMI, SeaArk and Aluminum Chambered Boats. “We’ve had extremely positive feedback and the military world on the effectiveness of our technology,” said Mike Buchen, SKYDEX chief executive officer. “We’ve taken the same military-grade technology and created the Sea Shocks mat for recreational boaters who would like a first-class fatigue and injury reducing solutions. For the price of a pair of running shoes, boaters will notice a tremendous difference in how well they feel at the end of a long day of boating.” The Sea Shocks boat mat, available in two high-tech translucent colors, is priced competitively at $99/mat. Additionally, Sea Shocks provides excellent traction and can withstand extreme temperatures and considerable wear – critical features in marine applications. The new Sea Shocks mat is available at or by calling 866-SEASHOC. About SKYDEX Technologies ( SKYDEX shock absorbing technology is redefining cushioning and protective characteristics in a wide variety of products, from helmets and running shoes to stadium outfield walls. SKYDEX materials have been proven to outperform and significantly outlast foams, gels and other products. Patented SKYDEX technology combines high performance polymers with proprietary geometries for superior cushioning power, and the technology can be endlessly customized for a wide range of cushioning and protective applications. SKYDEX technologies, Inc., is a privately held company based in Centennial, Colo. Slated to become the household name in cushioning and impact protection, SKYDEX technology already is used by some of the world’s most innovative consumer brands, including Schutt Sports, Nike and Burton, as well as the U.S. Military.