IMBD High Performance Boat Decking to be featured at RIBEX Show In Cowes, UK

SKYDEX® and Shock Mitigation are introducing the Impact Mitigating Boat Decking, IMBD, to the high performance boat market at RIBEX 2008.

John Haynes, Operations Director of Shock Mitigation said, “A major objective has been to develop a range of deck cushioning to reduce impact and vibration on RIBs and high speed craft. We are very pleased to have worked closely with SKYDEX to achieve this.”

The patented SKYDEX technology cushions impact by using geometry instead of air had lead to a variety of different products and applications. SKYDEX technology reduces vibration and impact by ‘tuning’ the type, shape and thickness of the material depending on the application.

SKYDEX’s IMBD product provides a stable surface in flat seas conditions and protection for when the waters get rough.

From working closely with the military and professional users in the United States SKYDEX has tested, continued to improve and had impressive feedback with their IMBD product. This has made the transition into the high speed craft industry both very demanding and a simple, proven solution.