Barracks Mattress revolutionizes sleep for U.S. soldiers

While serving on the front lines is anything but a comfortable experience, SKYDEX Barracks Mattresses have transformed a critical component to life for more than 1,000 soldiers: sleep. With a unique innerspring made using patented SKYDEX engineering design and a removable cover, Barracks Mattresses are durable, 100% cleanable and recyclable, thus improving personal hygiene and sanitary conditions in barracks while also reducing landfill impacts from traditional mattresses. The Berg Companies (Berg), which has been providing camp solutions and a suite of camp-related products and services since 1883, use Barracks Mattresses in their remote site products, which are used by the U.S. Military to house personnel in the U.S. and overseas. At a recent training exercise in Fort Bliss, Texas, soldiers were asked for their feedback in regards to comfort and usability. One soldier described it as being “more comfortable than staying at a nice hotel.” Mike Wollan, Supply Chain and Operations Manager at Berg, says “At first, we began using Barracks Mattresses in small applications but began ordering more and more. We’ve used over 500 Barracks Mattresses in the last nine months.” Wollan confirms that the removable covers make the mattresses easier to clean and “much more efficient for soldiers.” Standard mattresses historically used by the U.S. military are exposed to multiple recruiting classes and tours. For years, these types of mattresses collect body fluids, food spills and moisture from the air, all of which leads to material degradation that leaves them uncomfortable and unsanitary. The modular system of the SKYDEX design is not only extremely comfortable but durable – the mattresses retain their shape over time and can be thoroughly cleaned to extend their lifetime. In addition to the enhanced cleanliness, the beds are completely recyclable. With a lifespan greater than 10 years, Barracks Mattresses reduce annual replacement costs and the landfill impacts from worn-out mattresses. The recycled innerspring plastic retains a high level of performance to be formed into another generation of innersprings. With such positive reviews from highly valued users, SKYDEX is looking to the future for the Barracks Mattress. A product that could benefit any situation where people are living in a remote location for an extended period of time without access to outside amenities, Barracks Mattresses could easily expand into other industries to provide more people with their health and comfort benefits. To learn more about the Barracks Mattress, visit About SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. SKYDEX, a privately held technology company with headquarters in Denver, is the industry leader in developing protective materials that mitigate shock, vibration and energy forces for the most demanding military and commercial uses. Its innovations include blast-mitigating flooring for combat vehicles, padding for military helmets, vibration-attenuating seating for both ground vehicles and helicopters, and shock-absorbing decking for high-speed interceptor boats. SKYDEX clients are government and commercial entities that value the increased survivability and reduced impact that SKYDEX technology provides to their most important assets – the human operator. Inspired by its motto – “Protecting People and Things That Matter®” – SKYDEX utilizes its patented twin-hemisphere plastics technology to design and manufacture a wide range of products and is a leading supplier to armed forces around the world.