Modular Military Mattress for Barracks

Long-lasting, Modular Mattress Solution

The SKYDEX Mattress is the ideal solution for Army Barracks, RTIs, mobile camps and anywhere else where you aren’t sure who slept there before you.

Reduce your facility cost with the SKYDEX Mattress that offers unmatched durability and support in a modular, cleanable solution. With minimal maintenance, facility hygiene greatly improves and eliminates the need to constantly replace traditional mattresses that are crowding landfills. This extended life-cycle offers a unique solution for facilities that experience high-turnover, such as barracks and remote camps.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Comfort Enhancement

Improved Hygiene 

Easily cleaned modular components improve facility hygiene and offer a simple way to deal with bugs, stains and other things that no one wants to sleep in.

Extended Lifecycle

With a product life-cycle of 10+ years, the SKYDEX Mattress offers unmatched durability that can greatly reduce your mattress program cost and environmental impact. 

Recyclable & Sustainable

Made from recyclable materials