Modular Military Mattress for Barracks

Long-lasting, Modular Mattress Solution

The SKYDEX Mattress is a unique solution that offers: superior durability, improved facility and bed hygiene, and a completely recyclable mattress to addresses the main issues with traditional mattresses and beds. 

SKYDEX Mattress

The SKYDEX Mattress offers unmatched durability and support in a modular and completely cleanable solution. With minimal maintenance, facility hygiene greatly improves and eliminates the need to constantly replace traditional mattresses that are crowding landfills. This extended life-cycle offers a unique solution for facilities that experience high-turnover, such as army barracks and army's remote camps, and have a unique need for mattress hygiene in a highly durable solution.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Comfort Enhancement

Improved Hygiene 

Completely disassemble the product for cleaning

Extended Lifecycle

Made from durable, easy to clean materials to reduce the need to replace

Recyclable & Sustainable

Made from 100% recyclable materials


10+ year life cycle compared to a traditional barracks mattress lasting 2-3 years