Marine Seat Cushion Inserts

Enhanced On-Water Protection

SKYDEX develops customized shock-mitigating seat cushion inserts ranging from ‘jockey-style’ seating on RIBs and open boats to ‘truck-style’ seating on cabin and wheelhouse arrangements as a high-performance foam alternative.

Cushion Insert

SKYDEX shock mitigation technology reduces whole body vibration from repeated shock events, helping address the requirements of the EU Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC. With simple insert solutions for protection on the water, SKYDEX has a focus to ensure marine craft occupants are operation ready and protected from injury during high-speed marine craft operation.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Vibration Attenuation

Impact Mitigation

Comfort Enhancement

Easily Integrated

Customizable design that can be fit within existing seat configuration


Tough material that will not absorb water

Supportive Protection

Will not load until impact, unlike foam cushions that compress under user weight

Enhanced Comfort

Consistent performance over the life of the product


Insert Impact Graph

SKYDEX seat cushion inserts greatly improve the shock reduction capabilities of a standard marine jockey seat cushion, improving the seats overall performance and protection capabilities. 

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