Blast Mitigating Mats for Armoured Vehicles

High Performance Protection

UK MoD data from Iraq and Afghanistan shows that lower limbs injured in 45% of all casualties

Convoy Deck is a high-performance blast mat product line that absorbs the extreme impact and shock from an IED that would normally transfer directly into an occupant’s feet and ankles. These energy-absorbing panels are engineered to reduce tibia loads during underbody blast events, reducing the chances of lower limb injury and increasing blast event survivability. SKYDEX has fielded over 125,000 blast mats with 10+ years of experience on leading vehicle platforms that meet STANAG 4569 and have been proven to withstand the toughest military environments.  









Convoy Deck Threat Levels

SKYDEX is the go-to solution for high-energy threat mitigation from underbody mine blasts. With more than 23,000 vehicles equipped with Convoy Deck, it is the most widely-used blast mitigating flooring solution in the world. Available in a range of solutions designed around the desired level of protection and available space in the vehicle, SKYDEX brings a solutions-based approach to integration and an in-depth understanding of local effects on the occupant during mine blast situations.

At a Glance

An Ideal Solution For:

Vibration Attenuation

Impact Mitigation


A proven solution for impact and blast mitigation to reduce max tibia loads, protecting lower limbs and reducing the occupant return to field time


Quick rebounding technology offers protection for all phases of a blast event and repeatable performance over the life-cycle of the product

Highly-Durable Materials

Durable, long-lasting and low maintenance materials that meet FMVSS302 and all MRAP environmental requirements with an industry-leading non-skid top surface

Easily Integrated

Simple installation with no change to existing vehicle ergonomics or design


Expertise to tailor a solution to meet the STANAG 4569 desired level of protection in available vehicle space


Convoy Decking

In live blast testing, the Convoy Deck provided a 71% reduction in lower tibia load compared to the bare floor.



SKYDEX has fielded over 125,000 blast mats with 10+ years' experience on leading vehicle platforms that meet STANAG 4569, including RG33, RG31, Amazon, PARS III, MaxxPro, RG33, RG31, Caiman, Stryker OEF, Stryker DVH, Cougar, MATV, FMTV, HEMTT and Bushmaster.