With its engineering-grade resins and patent-protected geometric shapes and arrangements, SKYDEX can be modified to customer requirements to provide a wide range of benefits including impact mitigation, vibration attenuation, sound damping, and cushioning. SKYDEX technology was initially used in the development of consumer and commercial protective solutions, including athletic footwear components, protective matting for playgrounds, and impact-absorbing padding in football helmets. After developing additional technology and manufacturing expertise, and at the request of the U.S. military, SKYDEX began developing sophisticated injury-reducing, life-saving, and performance-enhancing solutions for warfighters.

Today, driven by its mission of Protecting Things That Matter, SKYDEX is a rapidly growing, trusted and environmentally responsible partner to the U.S. military, delivering high-performance solutions for our men and women in uniform. SKYDEX proprietary protective technology is an application-specific survivability and performance enhancement solution designed for six key benefits: blast limiting, ballistic, impact mitigation, vibration absorption, cushioning, and sound damping.


SKYDEX technology can be integrated in existing ballistic products to reduce back face deformation.

Blast Limiting

Faced with increasing IED threats in multiple theaters and upward spiraling healthcare costs for soldiers injured in the line of duty, th


SKYDEX’s technology works similar to a spring to provide a more comfortable ride, giving under pressure then returning to the original shape and form.

Impact Mitigation

The twin hemisphere technology absorbs more shock in less space while providing consistent support across the product.

Sound Dampening

The unique SKYDEX geometries absorb sound to create a barrier against loud, high pitched or distracting noises.

Vibration Absorption

SKYDEX materials absorb the vibration transmitted from engines, rough roads and other circumstances to prevent the negative effects of whole body vibration (WBV).

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Research and Development

SKYDEX engineers work side by side with industry experts to further develop the applications and possibilities of our patented technologies. We have done extensive blast testing with Applied Research Associates (ARA) which has furthered our research and analysis capabilities to improve our blast limiting solutions for today’s war fighter.