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SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and cushioning solutions and is dedicated to Protecting Things That Matter. With superior precision, durability and tunability, our proprietary technology is engineered to excel in the harshest and most demanding conditions. Our customized materials unlock value for customers across an extensive range of commercial, military, athletic and consumer applications.

We are a team of innovators, engineers and problem solvers - and we are dedicated to maximizing your performance. We actively seek out every possibility to push our technology to its limits to meet your specific impact and cushioning needs. Let us take your performance and competitive advantage to the next level today. Contact us now to learn more. >>

Unparalleled technology

Learn how superior performance and customization can solve the world's toughest impact and cushioning challenges. Every SKYDEX innovation is engineered to maximize the performance of your product.

Broad application

See how SKYDEX has maximized performance for our partners. From blast mitigating panels for armored vehicles to ergonomic, pressure distributing wheelchair seat cushions, SKYDEX has a range of experience and expertise.

Precise Customization

Explore how proprietary SKYDEX technology can be tuned to meet your unique and essential needs. By partnering with SKYDEX your products will stand out to your customers.

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