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Latest Product Review on the SKYDEX Battle Trainer

"When  started to run in them however, I realized that something good was happening underfoot.  The Skydex egg timer-looking compression platform is incredibly comfortable.  It genuinely feels like you are getting some impact protection and comfy bounce-back." <MORE>


How We Do It

Protecting Things That Matter

SKYDEX’s corporate mission is “Protecting Things that Matter”. This is not just a philosophy; it is our daily commitment to our war fighters. At SKYDEX, we test our products in the lab as well as with the troops to ensure we are producing the very best in military protection.

What Matters

Working With Others To Change Lives

At SKYDEX, we are dedicated to improving the experience of our service members, veterans and their families. We work with several local, regional and national organizations that help the families of deployed service members, returning warriors and veterans who are confronted with hardships.

About Us

Our Company History

Starting as a research and development firm developing athletic shoe components, SKYDEX has emerged as the leading provider for innovative impact and cushioning technologies.


Protecting Our Soldiers

Absorbing blast waves and lessening the pressure transmitted from explosions, SKYDEX limits the blast force transmitted to the occupants therefor reducing the danger.

About Us

Community Involvement

SKYDEX is committed to supporting both individuals and organizations that are focused on improving the welfare of our country's service members and families who have given all.

Products We Create

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