The SKYDEX Difference

Every SKYDEX innovation is engineered to maximize the performance of your product. Protecting Things That Matter.

No other impact or cushioning solution offers the precision, durability, and tunability that our proprietary technology delivers. We leverage our technical expertise and keen understanding of your challenges to develop customized applications that deliver long-term value.

Proven, Superior Performance

Our technology has been proven to endure and excel in the most demanding commercial, military, athletic, and consumer environments. There are many factors that contribute to SKYDEX being able to consistently outperform the competition:

  • Deep expertise: We combine our broad and deep understanding of impact and cushioning technology with a hyper-focus on your specific needs to provide the optimized solution.
  • Superior material: Our principal raw material, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), provides greater elasticity, abrasion resistance, and versatility over a broad range of temperatures, mechanical properties, tear strength, and contaminant resistance.
  • Proprietary geometries: Our unique shapes allow us to efficiently and effectively utilize virtually all of their thickness to mitigate impact, distribute pressure and provide comfort.
  • Precise customization: We partner with you to tune our technology to your needs and conduct exhaustive testing to ensure you always get the best solution.

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Compelling Attributes

  • Long lasting durability, enduring multiple hits while consistently delivering the same peak performance through hundreds of thousands of compressions
  • Open airflow to mitigate heat build up
  • Low profile to maximize utility and do more in less space
  • Easy cleaning
  • Completely recyclable
  • Resilient against nature's harsh elements

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