Key Highlights

  • Fielded in over 20,000 armored vehicles worldwide
  • 71% reduction in blast force is transmitted through a simulated floor in live fire testing
  • Meets STANAG 4569 while offering a lightweight technology that performs over multiple impacts
  • In-depth understanding of local effects on the occupant during mine blast situations

Challenge Faced

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and other destructive anti-vehicle mines have dramatically increased in the combat zone and pose a leading threat to men and women in uniform. The unpredictability of these devices is what makes them so effective and deadly. With a blast force that can be devastating, these devices lie undetected until a vehicle drives over them, triggering an explosion that can destroy a vehicle and severely harm the crew.

Surviving an IED event requires an innovative approach to vehicle design and occupant protection. Modifications to vehicle design can greatly improve the safety of its occupants, but exterior modifications may not directly address blast overpressure, explosive impact and vehicle slam-down and how those affect the crew compartment. This is an ever-changing threat affecting armed forces worldwide that requires optimized solutions and innovative materials designed to protect.

Solution Found

It was clear the HMMWV , designed during the Cold War, was not capable of withstanding this new challenge of war, the increasing use of IEDs. To counter the threat quickly, the DOD challenged vehicle manufactures to utilize commercial off-the-shelf technologies (COTS) to develop effective blast limiting solutions. Panels of SKYDEX technology were identified as a premier shock-absorbing material, and by adapting our other energy-absorbing products, SKYDEX's Convoy Deck was tailored for the military vehicle flooring market.

SKYDEX Convoy Deck uses a range of patented technologies to absorb the extreme impact and shock that would normally transfer directly into a vehicle occupant's feet and ankles. This absorption reduces tibia loads during underbody vehicle blast events, reducing the chances of lower-limb injury and increasing vehicle blast event survivability. In live blast testing, SKYDEX provided a 71% reduction in lower tibia load compared to the bare floor in the same event.

Convoy Deck is a proprietary product line of high performance floor mats optimized for maximum protection against a range of blast threats. With a low profile design, our mats have minimal impact on vehicle ergonomics and can be easily integrated with no design change to the host vehicle structure.

The greatest advantage that SKYDEX offers is our extensive knowledge and experience with understanding the local effects of min blast situations. SKYDEX has invested significantly in research and development to understand the full range of threats experienced by vehicle occupants during a blast. Our engineering team works with you to understand your desired level of protection and the optimal product to accommodate your vehicle's design. The versatility of SKYDEX technology allows us to develop solutions optimized for your protection needs.

 Beyond the initial impact of an IED, a vehicle also experiences remarkable slam down. A large explosion can cause a vehicle to become airborne then impact the ground with considerable force. SKYDEX Convoy Deck offers multi-impact capability and is engineered to rebound quickly from the initial impact to provide energy-absorption as the vehicle slams back to the road.

In other impact tests, performed both in SKYDEX's lab and at third-party testing facilities, SKYDEX Convoy Deck has met STANAG 4569, FMVSS302 and the Environmental Requirements of M67854-11-F-5012.

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Key Performance Graph

% AIS cat 1 Injury Threshold HFM-90

Engineered For Peak Protection

By integrating SKYDEX Convoy Deck, manufacturers are able to produce armored vehicles that help reduce the peak force during a blast, increasing the chances of an occupant surviving an IED explosion. The US Army recognized the importance of the mats in a 2010 "Safety of Use Message" that stated, "In vehicle-level blast testing, the coverings have proven to reduce the risk of lower leg fractures by absorbing blast waves and lessening the pressure transmitted into the body. Removing the floor coverings can reduce a crewmember's ability to survive a blast."

SKYDEX Convoy Deck is the most widely-used blast-mitigating flooring solution, present in over 20,000 armored vehicles worldwide. We are continually innovating our Convoy Deck offerings in the face of the ever-changing threats and aggressive forces that exist in modern warfare.

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