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SKYDEX Technologies, Inc. is a high-performance technology company that engineers customized impact and cushioning solutions. We serve commercial, military, athletic, and consumer customers, and are a leading global supplier to the armed forces.

Established in 2001, our innovative technologies have been widely used across the most demanding applications and environments, such as blast-mitigating flooring for combat vehicles, energy-absorbing decking for high-speed boats and personal protection equipment including elbow and knee pads. We customize our proprietary, geometry-based technologies to meet your specific requirements, and maximize both product and end-user performance.

SKYDEX is ISO 9001:2008 certified and currently holds 74 patents, including 8 issued US patents, 10 US patents pending, and 56 issued and pending International patents. To find out more about how SKYDEX can maximize your performance, get in touch with us at info@skydex.com.

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