Convoy Deck

Convoy Deck, blast mitigation for armored vehicles, uses SKYDEX’s patented opposing hemisphere technology that absorbs energy caused by violent forces or explosions. Used today in most military armored vehicles,including the MRAP and M-ATV, SKYDEX blast mitigating flooring has been shown to reduce vehicles occupant injuries during IED attacks.

Key features include:

  • Increased passenger protection
  • Durable, multi-impact materials and design
  • Customized to fit current vehicle designs
  • Meets FMVSS302 and M67854-11-R-5012

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Blast Force Mitigation - Vehicles lined with SKYDEX Convoy Deck reduce compressive forces from a blast compared to vehicles without SKYDEX Congoy Deck.  As the floor velocity increases, the protective advantages of SKYDEX amplify.

Weight Reduction - Using SKYDEX Convoy Deck in place of a thicker layer of steel flooring will reduce the overall weight of the combat vehicles while providing greater blast protection for the occupants.

Injury Protection - SKYDEX Convoy Deck absorbs the energy forces transmitted to the occupants during a blast event, reducing the probability of injury.  In the trial shown, SKYDEX Convoy Deck mitigated the blast force by 71% (with blast strength producing a 47 m/sec floor velocity