Ballistic Helmet Pads

Developed to meet the requirement for the U.S. Army, SKYDEX created a pad system that meets all specifications for approval in the ACH and MICH helmets. Compatible with most ballistic helmets, SKYDEX has fielded more than 750,000 kits to militaries and law enforcement worldwide. Key features include:

  • Superior impact protection
  • Stays pliable in extreme temperatures
  • Washable and quick drying
  • RF-welded rip resistant seams

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Ballistic Helmet Pad Sizing

Ballistic Helmet Pad Installation Kit

The only difference between the Size 6 and Size 8 helmet pads is the thickness of the pads. The Size 6 pads are 3/4" thick pads and the Size 8 pads are 1" thick (except the crown pad, which is 3/4" thick).