Commercial & Industrial Applications

SKYDEX’s technology was originally used in the development of both consumer and commercial protective solutions. Applications included athletic footwear components, protective matting for playgrounds and climbing gyms, and impact-absorbing lining for athletic helmets and padding. SKYDEX's products were designed to protect athletes and employees while they were at work.

SKYDEX is military tested and proven. We offer engineered solutions to enhance existing protective equipment or we can design applications for the workplace environment that will increase worker performance and reduce fatigue factors.

SKYDEX works with commercial and industrial partners that seek to reduce the probability of injury and increasing the effectiveness of their most important assets - their employees. With a constantly expanding range of engineered applications, SKYDEX is looking to extend our reach into the commercial and industrial markets to continue fulfilling our mission of Protecting Things That Matter.

  • SKYDEX is the leading provider of energy management solutions
  • Unbeatable protection from impact and vibration with low-profile and lightweight components
  • 100% recyclable and cleanable materials
  • Innovative cushioning solutions that outperform foam in overall durability and performance
  • Extensive on-site research and development lab to assist our customers in achieving their protective goals
  • In-house prototyping facility
  • Established relationships with manufactures located throughout the United States


SKYDEX started in the footwear business; it’s the easiest way for the everyday user to experience the qualities of SKYDEX technology.

Sea Shocks/Boat Deck Personal

SKYDEX Boat Deck Personla, also known as Sea Shocks, utilizes SKYDEX's twin hemisphere technology, cushions your course through smooth sailing or the perfect storm. Ideal for watercraft up to 40' and engineered to handle a wide variety of boat speeds and conditions.

Stadium Walls

Promats and SKYDEX created a lighter, easier to install, more durable and more protective product for indoor and outdoor stadiums worldwide.

Stunt Padding

SKYDEX has engineered padding to offer effective, durable protection for stunt applications already in use in major action films. SKYDEX padding is more durable and won’t wear or crack with use.

Wheelchair Seating

In conjunction with Keen Mobility, SKYDEX has created a wheel chair seating component that reduces the amount of pressure felt by the end user.

SKYDEX Stunt Padding


Wheelchair seating technology